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Analog Pluck Synth

December 16, 2020

The Analog Pluck Synth, also known as popcorn, or maybe even just pluck, is a classic synth sound used in hundreds of tracks from dance to pop.

Thankfully for us, it’s also an incredibly simple sound to replicate!

In this article I’ll be using u-he Tyrell N6 to create the Analog Pluck Synth, but you can feel free to use whichever VST you feel most comfortable with. In all honesty, I’m using the u-he Tyrell N6 as it’s free to dowload so if you don’t already have a VST with analog synth sounds, feel free to use this.

u-he Tyrell N6 - Analog Pluck Synth Preset

In the above image, I’ve highlighted the areas which I’ve changed from the init patch on u-he Tyrell N6

The analog pluck synth sound is defined by its use of a single oscillator. In my example, I’m using a square wave, but if you’re after a softer tone, try a sine or triangle wave.

I’ve turned off OSC2 in the mixer section so that we only get the sound of OSC1.

The main character of the synth comes from its ADSR. You’ll want to turn all of the sliders down to zero, then slowly increase the decay until you get the length of pluck that you desire! As you can see from the picture above, I’ve set my decay to around 2.5.

After all is said and done, here’s what it sounds like!

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