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Should You Buy the Boss RC-505 Loop Station Tabletop Looper?

November 30, 2020

The Boss RC-505 is probably the best piece of performance equipment I’ve bought in the past few years. It’s been out for a few years now, you’ve most likely seen some performances on YouTube, but I’m a recent convert.

Main Features

Five Stereo Phrase Tracks

I used to use the Boss RC-30 for performing with guitar and vocals which only had two tracks. Having access to five stereo tracks allows me to generate multiple different ideas on the fly and mix between them

Tabletop Looping

When you search for a loop pedal you’re most likely going to be inundated with choices designed for guitar players. Whilst I do play guitar, I prefer to create songs using only my voice. The Boss RC-505 is a great choice for any vocal performers due to its tabletop form factor. Beatboxers, singers, and club MCs all benefit from the ability to stand and use their hands to trigger loop recordings.

Input and Track FX

The Boss RC-505 allows you to add FX to either the entire track, or just your input signal. For example, if you’re creating a Dubstep style track, you might want to add some heavy reverb to a snare sound whilst keeping the rest of the track dry. In that case you’d turn up the reverb input FX and play your snare sounds.

There are a tonne of FX to play with ranging from simple audio processing (such as compression and EQ), all the way to kinda off the wall FX like robot sounds and beat repeat (which is my personal favorite track FX)

Onboard Rhythm

The Boss RC-505 includes 85 pre-made backing rhythms which can either be output as part of your track, or output to headphones only which helps you keep in time.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

Why Buy the Boss RC-505?

Are you an improviser? Do you enjoy the thrill of not knowing what song you’re about to play?

Actually, writing that out sounds kind of insane, but if you’re anything like me, then you LOVE the chaos!

The Boss RC-505 is the perfect companion to the improviser, it’s design is pretty minimal which lets you adjust knobs and dials as fast as you can think.

Boss RC-505 in Action

Stuff You Might like to Know

How much is the Boss RC-505?

You can pick up a Boss RC-505 for around $499.99 at any good music retailer.

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